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Unpunished Misdeeds

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The Original Ralph


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Posted 15 July 2011 - 04:40 PM

Well, there's that story i posted at http://cleanupatf.or...onalism-in-atf/ where Gary Schaible committed perjury to convict an innocent dealer, god knows how much of an award the dealer won in the settlement of the lawsuit against Medusa, i'm sure it was in the millions, and gary was promoted to Acting Chief,NFA Branch. I know Gary's perjury pales compared to Vince Cefalu's "lack of candor" (sarcasm)

In fact, just occurred to me, that one should go directly to showing arbitrary enforcement. Vince gets terminated for "lack of candor", gary gets a promotion & a raise

Then there's the other incident i described, the nfa branch specialist that altered a transfer application form to hide how long he'd been sitting on it. What i didn't mention in my earlier description was that, after the OIG complaint, the conversation with the then division chief (she called here) was on our office line, so was recorded. She confirmed if the facts verified, it was a double felony of making a false representation on a federal document and of altering a federal document. Not only was no investigation conducted, he was promoted to supervisor about 9 months later.

If it helps Vince, throw me an email thru this forum and we can arrange a certified copy of the OIG complaint & the digital recording (system records to non-rewriteable CDs - supposed to survive court use as they can't be edited)




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Posted 15 July 2011 - 03:32 PM

Let's start a list of things some people get away with, while ATF HQ seems to go after others for minor offenses.

Let's start with Vanessa McLemore. She should be a legend in crazy misdeeds.

How about forcing agents to provide security details to her friends in hope that it would lead to another job for her. Her punishment? Removed as SAC of Atlanta and made Special Assistant to the Director. Anyone else would have been criminal prosecuted. This isn't a story. It's fact!

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