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Rep. Darrel Issa, R-Ca

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Posted 30 July 2011 - 04:53 PM

Rep. Darrell E. Issa (R-CA)

Congressman Darrell E. Issa (R-CA) is the U.S. Representative for California's 49th congressional district, and previously the 48th, serving since 2001. He was formerly a CEO of Directed Electronics, the Vista, California based manufacturer of automobile security and convenience products. His district consists of portions of southern Riverside County and northern San Diego County. Since January 2011, he has served as Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Since the "Project Gunrunner/Operation Fast & Furious" scandal was first exposed right here at www.CleanUpATF.org, and in the wake of the revelation that ATF-"tracked" weapons were found at scene where U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered by Mexican drug cartel criminals, Chairman Issa has steadfastly battled to get to the bottom of one of the most shocking breaches of public trust and departures from sound law enforcement investigations procedure in the history of our nation.

Extensive cover-up, spin, damage-control, obstruction and stonewalling efforts by ATF, DOJ and Obama Administration officials, and reprehensible grandstanding interference during the hearings and behind the scenes by Democrats such as Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), have only intensified Rep. Issa's unflappable resolve to ensure that proper Congressional oversight and accountability for substantial wrongdoing are ensured. Rep. Issa's insightful, relentless pursuit of the facts, and his scathing wit, exemplified by his methodical excoriation of "witnesses" such as Asst. Attorney General Ronald Weich, ATF "paid answerers" William Newell, Bill McMahon and others, have been a genuine breath of fresh air in an otherwise shockingly rancid affair.

Although the final chapter in this tragic and astonishing saga has yet to be written, there can be no question that Congressman Darrell Issa should be honored as a dedicated patriot and outstanding legislator by every American citizen.

www.CleanUpATF.org salutes Rep. Issa and his staff for the excellence and tirelessness of their ongoing efforts to hold ATF management, DOJ officials and the Administration to the same basic standards of competence, integrity, lawfulness and sanity that the average street Agent is expected to adhere to on a daily basis.

Rep. Darrell Issa
Rep. Darrell Issa

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