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Typical Examples of ATF Management Misconduct

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Posted 31 December 2009 - 04:17 PM

  • An ATF Communications Specialist had worked for ATF for six years, managed communications in several field divisions and was a key player in the communications support for the DC Sniper investigation. Despite having multiple graduate level degrees and many fully successful performance evaluations, after challenging an ATF supervisor, ATF made a retroactive determination that this person was incompetent and proceeded to create such a hostile work environment that the employee resigned his position and left government service. Throughout ATFs attempt to retroactively discredit the Specialist, he was assaulted by a coworker on duty. The assault was report and went virtually unaddressed. Litigation is currently pending and an EEOC complaint has been filed related to a hostile work environment and race discrimination.
  • An ATF Agent completed an undercover infiltration of a violent crime gang. ATF managers abused this Agent during and following his assignment. This abuse included intentionally relocating him across the country from his children and harassing him with a hostile work environment. The Agent considered an agency hero for his completion of this and many other dangerous assignments ultimately and prematurely resigned his position from ATF.
  • Two ATF Agents completed the undercover infiltration of an outlaw motorcycle gang. Following the completion of their investigation they received death, violence and intimidation threats from the suspects and their followers. ATF entered into numerous verbal and written agreements with the Agents for relocation and reassignment only to completely mishandle these responses, failing to properly protect or backstop the Agents moves and creating severe heartache and anxiety for the agents and their families in a most dramatic and traumatic time in the lives of the Agents and their families.
  • Two ATF Agents filed EEOC complaints against their ASAC and RAC alleging harassment and a hostile work environment. The reprisal and retaliation following their complaint were so great that both veteran agents (each with over 10 years experience) resigned their agent positions with ATF and immediately accepted identical agent positions with other federal agencies. Following sworn depositions the accused ASAC was heard to publicly state, “Agents lie about me every time they file a complaint against me and I have no problem lying about them to defend myself.” This ASAC was forced into retirement as a result of multiple and ongoing abuses which contributed to millions of dollars in settlement at taxpayer and agency expense.
  • Career senior Special Agent becomes the target of reprisal for refusing to ignore excessive abuses in the Southwest Field Division. After two years of lengthy litigation, EEOC complaints and reported misconduct by ATF managers, the agency agrees to settle with the Agent, reinstate back pay, legal fees, and rescind disciplinary actions. This only occurred once it was revealed that an attorney from ATF ethics division submitted fraudulent information alleging false criminal acts by the agent to the administrative judge, in defense of ATFs discriminatory and retaliatory actions. The Attorney was allowed to leave the agency after a second occurrence of falsifying documents, to another Federal agency without legal bar ethics implications or disciplinary action by ATF.
  • Special Agent, Southwest Border Field division, becomes involved in a dispute with the agency based on trivial and abusive actions by ATF management. After 3+ years on administrative leave without explanation or resolution, the agency agreed to a sizable settlement with the Agent as yet another example of wasted taxpayer funds and agency resources. One of the protracted issues under examination related to the allegations against the agent was minor and insignificant errors on travel vouchers. The managers involved in this flagrant waste fraud and abuse and abuse of authority remain in ATF management.
  • ASAC Chicago reports significant fraudulent expenditures of by the Special Agent in Charge. A group Supervisor with knowledge of these abuses and violations is interviewed and testifies truthfully. The ASAC is punitively transferred to Washington D.C. and the GS is transferred in an extreme act of reprisal is transferred from his supervisory position to the Operations Officer position in New York. The ASAC filed litigation and to prevent the SAC who was accused of the violations from having to testify in a hearing, the agency paid a large settlement at the agency and the taxpayer's expense. Due to specific whistleblower restrictions, the GS decided to leave the agency and is now employed and by another Federal agency that is now benefiting from the $100,000+ of training and experience he took with him when he left ATF.
  • A West coast compliance investigator won a favorable EEO complaint (Administrative Law Judge Decision) in 1992, based on disparate treatment (based on race), denial of training and denial of promotion. ATF responded with '' SHE WOULD NEVER GET PROMOTED" It has been 18 years and she has not been promoted. ATF managers were true to their word. This in spite of the fact that, she successfully completed NPT training in 2004 as the class president, all other investigators in her class have a present grade of GS-12 or GS-13. In 2003/2004 she filed an EEO for reprisal, denial of a promotion, reasonable accommodations under the ADA and a hostile work environment that included the use of the "N" word by a superior in order to "keep her in her place". ATF ignored her pleas. Her performance appraisals went from fully satisfactory/exceeding fully satisfactory to unacceptable in a 6 month period. She attempted to resolve this matter with the Special Agent in Charge, notified Internal Affairs and the Ombudsmen office. I was ultimately forced to seek the protections of the EEOC and I was still ignored. In May 2006 I was terminated and tracked down by armed Agents to escort me from the building. She prevailed with a favorable decision in 2007 for wrongful termination. ATF was ordered to reinstate her pay and restore her annual and sick leave for the year. ATF has not restored her leave and she has requested a breakdown of the actual pay which was entered into my bank account and has continue to be ignored. She filed an EEO in 2007 for denial of her promotions (reprisal), a hostile work environment and reasonable accommodations as part of a class action complaint filed by multiple employees in the SFFD. At the present she has not heard from the ATF EEO managers.

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