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How Long Does It Take to Crush a Federal Employee

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Posted 16 July 2017 - 07:43 PM

Does anyone know if ATF started an unofficial policy of getting rid of agents over 50 years old?

#2 just gotta shake your head

just gotta shake your head


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Posted 02 January 2017 - 06:51 PM

Excellent Comments on article:


Anyone see ATF in here? 


Let's see - if I'm a qualified, competent employee, and I'm deciding where to work, do I (1) apply to a well-known company with a good track record, or (2) apply to the government where I will be lumped together and treated like a lazy deadbeat and scapegoated by both political parties, regardless of my personal work habits?

That said, if I do go with route (2), how long until it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy? I mean, at some point you run out of motivation to do a good job when whatever you do you are treated like a parasite and denigrated to no end.

Two quotes from the article:

No or limited pay raises and constant bashing by politicians are not exactly strong recruiting incentives.


The potential damage is compounded by the fact that morale-induced turnover tends to drive the highest performers out of organizations.

    The problem is that the parasites are usually the one's being coddled, promoted and rewarded. These parasites often nest in their cushy lairs and make an on-going effort to simply target those who DO perform. Frequently, the targeting is personal and no-matter what it is generally vicious ... and often unwarranted. The goal is to simply to knock the performers "down to size" and allow the parasites a safe-haven where everyone is now performing equally below standards.

    In almost 40 years of employment (split equally between gov't and private sector), I've come to realize the "gov't way" embraces the weakest performers and castigates those who actually try to work hard. In those 40 years, I've never witnessed a more negative work environment and lower employee morale than my fed job. The goal for most is to simply "do the time", "make as little attention as possible" and retire (survive?). It is the only employment I've ever experienced where retirees possessing 30-40 years service NEVER return to visit those they worked with ... that alone is telling.

    The benefits of fed employment are definitely hard to pass up and once you're in the system ... it's hard to remove you (seemingly limitless job security is the friend of the fed employee parasite). A RIF could be great, IF the right employees are tapped to "move on" ... but, combine the fed work force's politicization and its endless supply of completely unqualified/incompetent personnel in mgt. positions and a RIF would probably have the axe swinging in the wrong direction for many.

    On the plus side, a renewed/energized private sector could result in a gold mine for motivated, honest fed workers (promotion-wise and pay-wise). If this happens and worthy feds leave en-masse for greener pastures, it will be hard to hide (or defend) the sub-standard work of the parasites.

    • Federal managers' egos get in the way of morale and progress. A poor/lazy management official will overtly keep high performers down to show "I'm the Boss" and will make arbitrary and stupid decisions to prove that point. How can your keep a good attitude and keep performing highly when you sometimes work for an idiot? Never apply what you learned in civilian career to the Fed workforce. Please, be safe, and do NOT think outside the box.


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