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DAD News (IOI side)

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Posted 07 March 2010 - 09:42 PM

Having been an IOI for more than 20 years, I can honestly say that I know only ONE DIO who is not a "yes-man" and I've worked in more than one division and in more than one office. Just like the SACs and ASACs on the law enforcement side of the house, I know many DIOs who should not be in their positions and are only there because of who they knew (or worse). They have no personal integrity and no ethics. They are quick to tear down employees and rarely, if ever, try to build employees up. It is "do as I say" with no underlying reasons, just because "I am the DIO" and it is "division policy" (which one can never find in writing). They are not fair and unbiased. They are out for themselves and their careers and do not care about the morale of their employees. They are the first to direct field personnel to save money in any way they can and then they schedule a management conference so others in the division can attend a retirement party for a division employee. I know one DIO who applied for the DAD position and I have to say, he would have been great! He doesn't play the political games and he could provide some consistency to Industry Operations. He has been with ATF for more than 20 years and has served in many different positions. He is fair and ethical. He has personal integrity. He is not a yes-man. Unfortunately, he was not selected for the position. I have concerns about Mr. McCabe, as I know he is eligible to retire. How long will he stick around? When the going gets tough, will ATF end up moving him back to whichever city he wants to retire in so he can do one final year and bid farewell? I hope Mr. McCabe will serve Industry Operations well . . . show some integrity, stop some of the DIOs from running their employees into the ground, hold management accountable for their actions, provide employees with some hope that things will get better in the field. ;) 20 year IOI, The person with the most experience is not always the best selection. Some of those with the most time in are set in their ways and are used to things the way they've been. We would like to see some change . . . some improvement. So we will see how Mr. McCabe does. And let's hope for the best. :rolleyes:
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Posted 07 March 2010 - 11:30 AM

Monday morning or not, ALL productive posting are encouraged and welcome. We only care about ONE thing. The truth. However, these promotions must be on merit, not friendship of self serving motives. They must be fair and ethical. The fast tracking and kingdom building cant go on. If the female earlier referenced as fast tracking with EEOC issues comes from Texas. Be advised, she will destroy the IO side of the house. She will say yes to anything. She has no personal integrity, and Im saying this from first hand knowledge as a Agent. ONE example, (and if shes the one being considered I will add about 10 more flagrant policy and mismanagement examples), After signing a one yr service agreement on a forced transfer and reclassification to DC to force my retirement while pending the report that was held up lost and delayed by ATF SFFD management, she sequestered me in a room with Carl Anglin, telephoned my new boss at the JSOC and demanded that I write a memo stating clearly that I physically intended to report on my report date, and that I would attempt to delay my transfer. I laughed out loud, asked her if she had hit her head and proceeded to advise the following; I signed a service agreement in compliance with the bureaus requirements. no one else in the history of the bureau has had to create such a document That they are in direct violation of the DOL laws and the attorney generals reasonable accommodation directives That she knew I am only pending surgical approval FROM GOVERNMENT DOCTORS to return to duty. And that I had NO intention of ever reporting to Washington DC as an analyst per Steve Martins well documented and under current investigation WB reprisals. I was forced to pay for and arrange for my own surgery for an on the job injury, but I DID NOT report to DC and I am NOT an analyst but she DID get promoted. If this is the lady they intend to promote, there will be many more abuses by her posted. We are Speaking up Mr. Melson. Are you listening?
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20 year IOI
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Posted 06 March 2010 - 09:08 PM

Since the original message was posted, DIO McCabe was selected to be the DAD for Industry Ops so it may look like I'm playing Monday morning quarterback with my response. However, sometimes when we look to see the worst in things, we overlook some simple things. I understand the plans to have two DADs for Industry Ops is an idea that's been kicked around for a while. MidlevelArea51 sees this as some type of conspiracy, but my understanding is that it was a question of numbers. Currently, a single DAD oversees 25 DIOs. On the Criminal Enforcement side, there are 3 DADs over the 25 SACs. I think they wanted to make the job more manageable. There were 5 applicants for the DAD position. Three DIOs, an attorney, and a person from another agency. I know the three DIOs (two very well and one mostly by reputation). DIO McCabe is clearly the most experienced, and it's nice to see the system works with his selection. However, I don't think I would classify the other two as "non-seasoned". Both have been with the agency quite a while (approx. 15 years or more), and both worked their way up through the ranks. All three DIOs have strong ideas, and aren't afraid to express them. I'm not sure the "yes-men" and "yes-women" label applies here.

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Posted 01 March 2010 - 04:20 PM

It is my understanding that the reason they have not replaced retired DAD Jim Zammillo is because they are thinking of creating a second DAD slot and splitting the country under the two DAD of IO. Funny thing is that for many months before DAD Zammillo retired, it was heavily rumored that DIO Harry McCabe out of Nashville would be promoted to the DAD slot. However, it seems as though their is a female who has with great speed worked her way up (she was only an area supervisor less than five years ago and only been a DIO for a little over three). Now it would be just downright shameful to give her the whole country since McCabe was all but already in the seat-so comes the plan to add a second DAD position presumably just for her. That's wanting someone real bad. Problem is as I understand, she is now the subject of several EEO compliants-wonder if that will hold her back. Probably not since she obviously has some kind of pull in the crystal cathedral. I say all that to say this-here goes ATF again putting non-seasoned personnel in authority positions. People that learn early on just to be "yes men" and "yes women". What ever happened to being your own person? What every happened to working your way up through real experience? There isn't a private company out there or probably not even another Federal agency that would promote some of the people that ATF has promoted to such prominent positions. The sunlight needs to shine on the cracks of ATF to dry up the mold and mildew that has been allowed to grow. Come on Melson, get real. Listen, we are speaking up!

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