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Unsuitable for Employment.

17 November 2017 - 10:27 AM

Not too long ago I did apply on-line for a job w/ATF on USA Jobs only to have the process of applying for said job halted with a statement saying that I was not allowed to apply.  So, I fired off a FOIA request to OPM who, unlike ATF, sent me a pack of documents.  Basically what they included was every background investigation I completed over 18 years with of course ringing endorsements that I still should be employed there.  Yet today I am considered "unsuitable" for some reason but I am sure it's because my last supervisor there plain hated my guts and wanted me out of there.  Would love to get some justice on this as it just plain irks me that this gets brought up every time I apply for a new position but until I win the lottery I will just do what I do now and that is do a good job each and every day.  So far this year I've received several time off awards and that's pretty much the way it's been since I left the bureau of ATF.  The agency I currently work for believes I am more than suitable it would seem.