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CleanUpATF.org Terms & Conditions of Use

This website and its Forums are provided as a courtesy service and usage is therefore a privilege rather than a "right".  All users that use this website in any manner do so exclusively at their own risk, thereby agree to personally assume any risks or liabilities thereby resulting, and to fully comply with any and all conditions of use that the CUATF Webmaster and/or Moderators may deem appropriate.  For a detailed description of our legal disclaimers, policies and conditions of use, please review this page.

This site is about addressing genuine instances in which ATF management has acted in a manner that is not consistent with law, statute, regulation, policy, sound ethics, etc. It is intended to shed light on such violations of public trust, promote sound remedial measures, and finally, to assist ATF personnel in defending themselves against improper, arbitrary or unlawful actions.  This is not a personal soapbox for pointless bitching, moaning or whining, personal attacks, unprofessional conduct, or the posting of uninteresting or irrelevant items. Contention, controversy and dissatisfaction are inherent aspects of the subjects addressed by this website. However, personal attacks will not be tolerated. Keep it mature, civil and constructive, or you will be booted.

Although we have made reasonable efforts to secure and protect the privacy of our Users and will never voluntarily disclose such information, this is a publicly visible website that could potentially be hacked or compromised through no fault of our own. Accordingly, do not post private, sensitive or potentially adverse information in your profile. By default, your email address and other contact information will be visible only to the Webmaster and Moderators, but please be very careful to avoid accidentally changing your profile settings to display such information publicly.  All posts may be reviewed by the Webmaster and/or Moderators, who reserve the right to edit them for the sake of brevity, etc. Furthermore, we reserve the unrestricted right to delete anything we deem to be inappropriate, objectionable, uninteresting, irrelevant or just plain stupid.

Users shall not, under any circumstances, except as expressly required
by law pursuant to a subpoena or warrant promulgated by an official law
enforcement agency, and under credible penalty of contempt of court or
criminal prosecution, divulge to any third party, either expressly or
implicitly, any private, personal or identifying information about any
other user of this website.

Specifically, Users shall not post:

  • Any material that is false, fraudulent, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, slanderous or libelous, harassing, sexually-oriented, threatening, or invasive of a person's privacy.
  • Any material that is confidential, subject to Privacy Act restrictions, sensitive, secret or classified, or that otherwise violates any applicable statute, law or regulation.
  • Any copyrighted or trademarked material unless the copyright is owned by that User or CleanUpATF.org.
  • Any commercial or personal solicitations, advertisements links to commercial websites, or other material not relevant to our stated objectives, unless specifically authorized by an Administrator to do so, in writing and in-advance.

Also, please do not:

  • Type in all capital letters.  This is called "shouting" in Internet parlance and is considered rude, lazy or both.
  • Use abnormally large text.  We allow our users a lot of freedom in formatting their posts.  Please do not abuse it.

Any User that violates these policies (or otherwise sufficiently annoys or pisses off the Webmaster or Moderators) may be summarily suspended or permanently banned from further use, with or without warning, at the sole discretion of the Webmaster and/or Moderators.

And finally, never forget that ATF management closely monitors this website (which we highly encourage!). However, it must be remembered they could easily pose as a "regular field employee" or otherwise attempt to use information gathered here for their own (possibly unethical) purposes. We have no way of verifying the job status or intentions of registered users. Therefore, as Ronald Reagan once said, "Trust by verify". Never assume that another User in this Forum is what they appear/claim to be (unless you know it for a fact). Oh, and using your government email address to register for this Forum or a G-computer to post is definitely not recommended. `Nuff said.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

The CUATF Webmaster and Moderating Team